Saturday, May 7, 2011

MLM Deathmatch [Javita] vs [Organo Gold]

Well ladies and gentleman this should be a very interesting match up. Both of these companies serve up instants coffees, so this should a fight that goes down to the last drop.

The verdict is in. After a long Battle to the end. I think its very clear who won this match, and who has the best home-base coffee business in 2011.

Over at the complaint board there is a boat load of people that have lost more that just sleep. People are losing there shirt dealing with that company here is what one Organo Gold distributor had to say.

This company does not give me my referrals when they sign up under my link on the site. People have told me they signed up and I did not get credit for them. I also did big promotions and did not get the referrals. They do not like to pay or pay on time. They are suppose to show my site on the surf but do not show it.

They are letting strange people write and call in and give me a bad reputation and freeze my site. They are letting people redirect my link/URL and steal my signups. They do not pay like they say. They do not give me my sales or credit for them.

If anybody can straighten them out please do. If anyone can arrange a class action lawsuit against them please do and inform all the people who join the site by email or snail mail about the class so they can get in to. Also track their web activity to verify that this is true. This is a strong assumption. If I am wrong please excuse me but I am probably right. Please investigate this.
Keep me anonymous.


But on there other hand....

If a person wishes to take advantage of the network marketing side of Javita , they may join for FREE up until June 1st 2011. Start-up costs on June 1st with Javita will be a $99 Membership or a $599 membership. Most people think that its really awesome that they get to sign up now for FREE and build a big team before the even pay one dime. This kind of set-up is just too much for Organo Gold to compare.

This will allow Javita distributors to earn a significant income within the first three to six months of starting their Javita business, putting them on pace to earn well over six-figures a year in their first year of business...and for several others, seven-figures a year in their first year! That is highly unheard of in network marketing for that level of income to be reached so quickly, but it's happening everyday in the coffee industry . You can Sign up for FREE Right Now before June 1st 2011 by CLICKING HERE!!! Now lets review the knock out punch that sent Organo Gold to the canvas:

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